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    Speech Therapy for Preschool-Aged Children

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    Speech Therapy for School-Aged Children

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    Speech Therapy, Presentations Skills, and Accent Reduction for Adults

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Three C’s Speech Therapy Services, PLLC specializes in providing speech and language therapy to preschool and school-aged children as well as adults.


Three C’s Speech Therapy Services, PLLC’s services can be provided in the natural environment, including homes, daycare facilities, and nursing homes in the Charlotte, NC area.

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What People are Saying

My daughter receives speech therapy from Ms Jean at Three C’s Speech. She was unable to speak in sentences mumbled sounds and she would point at what she wanted. She now knows her colors, speaks clearly, asks for what she wants and all of this in eight months! I am thankful to Ms Jean for working with and helping her.

Michele M.

Jean Rogers worked with my son who couldn’t speak but made grunts for what he wanted. In five months, three times each week, Miss Jean taught him how to say mama and say his name and his colors. I AM SO HAPPY! He still has a long ways to go but I am happy with his progress and thank you Miss Jean for your patience.

Beulah W.

Jean was great with our young ladies! Attempting to capture and keep the attention of teenagers can be a challenge, but Jean was so engaging and informative. She clearly has a real knack for her work!

Her passion and enthusiasm were evident. Several of our participants admitted they really gained a lot from her workshop. Jean's presentation was both challenging and fun! I can't wait to see what she has in store for our girls next!

Janine D.
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